December 2019 Stage Combat Opportunities

I’m teaching two stage combat workshops in December:

1. Disarms: Disarms are a great way to end a fight without death or injury, but introduce their own risks due to changes in distance and potentially flying weapons. We’ll cover techniques for disarming swords, knives, and blunt objects ranging from the flashy (but unrealistic) to martially viable tactics. Prior experience with basics of stage combat recommended. December 7th, 2-4 p.m., $22 per person, maximum 6 participants, ages 14+

2. Introduction to Quarterstaff: A simple (but versatile, and devastatingly effective) weapon, staves are used in nearly every martial art with a weapons tradition. We’ll cover staff spins, attacks, parries, and some foundational stylistic differences between martial traditions. No experience necessary, December 11th,7-9 p.m. $25 per person, maximum 4 participants, ages 14+.

Both will take place in Trumansburg, NY

Please reach out with further questions.

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