JaJacob K. Lehmancob K. Lehman is a professional consultant, career advisor, and fight choreographer.

He excels at rigorous analysis of complex problems, and enjoys working with clients who are willing to make intellectually honest decisions even when they contradict conventional wisdom or political expediency.  He thrives on helping others to think more clearly and write more effectively.

He works at the Johnson Graduate School of Management, advising MBA students pursuing careers in consulting and strategy roles.

Jacob’s previous employers include BMO Harris Bank, where he developed acquisition strategies targeting earlier life stage customers, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, where he worked on domestic and international business expansion strategy, Keystone Strategy Group, whom he supported in analyzing a client’s intellectual property claims, and McKinsey & Company, for whom he served clients in a wide array of industries on projects ranging from price and cost analyses, to innovation activities and departmental effectiveness improvements.

Jacob holds a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School, from which he earned a Dean’s Scholarship, and a B.A. from Cornell University.

He has provided case-coaching services to aspiring consultants since 2011, training actors and choreographing fights since 2002.

For professional inquiries, please email him at

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