For Consulting/Professional :

“I really appreciate your taking charge of the whole project so expertly.” – Head of Solutions, Global Professional Services Client

“Your insight on corporate jargon and how co-workers can communicate better was helpful.” – Ohio State University Student

For fight choreography:

“We are always making sure to get the most realistic looking action on stage in the safest way possible way thanks to fight choreographers Jacob and Jennifer Lehman.” – House of Ithaqua Productions

“Jacob is such an amazing person, it was great spending time with you.”- Action Superstar Jet Li

For career counseling/interview prep:

“I came to Jacob at the end of November not having done any preparation for consulting interviews. By January I had a McKinsey offer.” – Cornell MBA

“Jacob provided exceptional advice that you can’t find in any casebook on the market.” – McKinsey Consultant

” I can’t thank you enough for your help as I am positive this wouldn’t have happened without the help of your sessions. You’re a great coach.” – Experienced hire into boutique consulting firm

“Thank you for all of your help. I don’t think this would have happened without you.”- 2019 college grad, let go from former employer in Spring 2020 who got a McKinsey offer after 16 1-on-1 prep sessions.

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