Vaccine Versification

I sing of sore arms with protection at last

And the hope that the scourge of infection has passed

That the bars will reopen, the gyms and the stores

And we won’t have to worry when meeting indoors.

The churches and temples and mosques fill with praise

We’ll watch college sports and see middle school plays,

We’ll grieve for the ones who succumbed to disease

And gather again with distant families.

We know that it won’t all be just like before,

We’ll spend less time in offices, bake a bit more

Since we’re all a year older and sadder and wiser.

So take your vaccine, from Moderna or Pfizer

Or J&J, all provide inoculation

To safeguard your health and the whole population.

*I wrote this in order to submit to Rhymezone’s poetry contest. Nothing super-fancy/deep, but I think it turned out amusingly enough, and will follow up with how it does!*

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