Ethical Business Partners

I struggle with the tension between wanting to promote my work/make things accessible to the largest possible audience (including to help make a living) and not wanting to lend my support to organizations that I think are harmful to society or give away my data to those who seek to treat their customers as lab rats. It’s why I’ve never paid for ads on facebook (and hardly use the platform any more), I only purchase items from Amazon if I have a gift card or no other way to obtain the objects, and I’ve been hesitant even about leaving my e-book, Romeo & Juliet & Zombies up there (though sales are so minimal it’s probably costing them more to host the page for the book than they’re earning from it).

In light of that quandary, I was delighted to learn about, which supports local businesses while helping them access a sleek online interface and the warehousing capabilities of a wholesaler. The selection is somewhat limited; many of the more esoteric books I’ve been reading aren’t available through it, but it still feels like the right platform for me, personally, both to share the Library Book Project as well as those texts that I’ve read that may be useful for the martial artist or stage combatant (and some that are just for fun).

If any books on the list(s) strike your fancy, I would appreciate the support.

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