Quarantine Day 21

Second poem of the month: something light and fun today after 21 days of self-isolation.

Hank and Chopper

Our house isn’t ours, it’s Chopper’s and Hank’s:
One likes to dig and the other one stanks

Hank’s a retriever who loves orange toys
And Chopper gets scared of the tiniest noise.

They wrestle ferociously, but with affection
(Though Hank is suspicious of his own reflection).

Chopper’s part shepherd, part boxer (no poodle)
We sometimes call Hank Hanken, or Hankee Doodle,

They both bark at bikers and cars in the street
But couldn’t be kinder to all that they meet.

Chopper will roll on his back for a scritch-
Hit the right spot and his leg starts to twitch!

Hank’s a goob boi and he likes to give hugs
He sniffs at the frogs and he sometimes eats bugs.

Chopper (Choopacabra) will climb in your lap
And be little spoon when it’s time for a nap

Their fur fills our home as their love fills my heart
And they keep us from feeling alone when apart.

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